Snow day in

Snow Days Indoors

Who doesn't enjoy a snow day! Not only because you have an excuse to stay inside and wear pj's, but the snow fall can be quite relaxing. If your home is remotely like mine, days in can be challenging. Partly because you have energized kids whose need for outdoor play is at a all time high.

Karter was fascinated by the first snow fall. She glared outside the window, yelling "snow mommy, snow"! It was the sweetest gesture, but as a "resistant to cold weather mommy" (yes, I live in Ohio) I refused to take her outside. So what better idea than to create a sensory play activity and bring the snow in!

I literally scooped up a fresh pile of snow, placed it in a container, got out some molding toys we use for Play-Doh and let her go at it. Use whatever size container makes you feel comfortable, and place it on a mat or towel in a space that you don't mind getting wet. To make it more interesting you can add food coloring to continue to educate your young one on colors or just to make it more visually stimulating. 

We both were satisfied. She was able to play in the snow and I stayed in my warm pj's and watched from the couch! Double win!