The Power of Our Words

A well known research study done by Betty Hart and Todd Risley (1995), found that some children are introduced to a maximum of thirty million words by their 4th birthday. Those same children were followed into grade school and excelled in reading, received higher test scores, in addition to having an extensive vocabulary.

How so you ask...The Power of our Words.

Parents and caregivers are the child's first teacher. Children have the ability to began recognizing language pre-natal (in the womb), and this continues to expand and be most vital until age 3. Expanding a child's early language development happens by increasing the parent child relationship. This doesn't mean you have to go around reciting Shakespeare, this simply means you have to master the art of speaking to your child. Babbling is cool and all, but speaking with diction and adult like language is best. This way they can master the art of communication.

Remember these key components:

1. Be Positive- always model what you would like to hear from your child. Use your manners, be attentive, and allow for them to have time to talk back. These are all effective communication techniques that transpire into adulthood.

2. Be Descriptive- explain what you are doing, and describe what they are doing. Children will began to recognize that what you are explaining is what they are doing, and will connect the two. 

All in All...just talk more!

For more information regarding the power of language. Please check out this cool initiative.