AHA! A Hands-on Adventure

Located in downtown Lancaster, Ohio, about 45 minutes from downtown Columbus. I took the girls early in the morning to prevent any nap time struggles. I was shocked that in such a small town the place was packed. For children who don't do well in high stimulation spaces I would be very mindful for when you plan a visit. Call ahead to see if they have any special events or just to ask if it is busy to prevent any meltdowns. For $6 a person I thought it was a great! It was comparable to COSI Science Center but on a smaller scale. It provided Karter with lots of sensory play as well as gross and fine motor stations and so much imaginary play. For Kennedy I believe she was a little bored. This space was more for children under 8. She was able to sit at the arts and crafts table, which she loves, and made cute party hats! All in all I will defiantly travel again. And yes Ill drag Kennedy too.

Child friendly rating 10 out of 10 for any child under 8!