Columbus Children's Theatre

Expose your children to something different

My eldest daughter has a gift for art. Visual art is her favorite, but as a mother I like to open her palette with more options. It is great for children to be exposed to all types of experiences. This can be challenging because there are things that we as adults specifically enjoy, so those are the things that we tailor our children to. It's important to not place our own biases on our children so that they can grown into their own person, or else we can get children whose purpose is to "please the parent", and they are left unfulfilled.

This gem is located in downtown Columbus in the Arena District. It is tailored to children by using play writes from famous children literature and movies, as well as using child actors. What I like most about CCT is the sensory friendly performances that recognize the sensibility to children with autism as well as children who process sensory differently (i.e. elimination of loud noises, abrupt lighting changes, quiet lobbies, etc).

Me and my daughter went to see Pinkalicious from the book series! She absolutely loved it, and the best part about all CCT performances, would be that the audience is allowed to interact with the cast after the show is over, and go on the set. My daughter enjoyed getting encouragement from the cast regarding art, and received signatures in her free performance handbook. Most shows are recommended for children 3 and older, which is self explanatory if you have a 2y/o with the inability to stay in a seat. There are some shows for older children that have more of a in depth story line. Ticket pricing starts at $15 for children, and $20 for adults. On "Thrifty Thursday" tickets will be a few dollars cheaper. Shows run regularly and change every couple months. Shows are typically 60-90m, with a intermission. I give this a child friendly review of 9 out of 10. Cost can be high, but for an occasional show it's not too bad!

We also went to North Market for lunch afterward, located next door! Local markets and vendors with amazing food options!

For information regarding ticketing, shows, classes, and sensory friendly shows. Click and past link!