Columbus Summer Camp Guide 2016

Summer is Here!

Nothing is more painful then the planning that goes into summer break. If you are anything like me, the anxiety that begins to form is overwhelming. I rave for the great weather, and long days, but this Momma here still works a 9-5. Summer is a break for my oldest, but for me life just continues to go as planned (crosses fingers for a vacation here and there). 

I am a huge advocate for kids being kids, but also with the understanding that education is important. Research has told us that long summer breaks can be detrimental to children who have a hard time retaining their educational skills learned all school year. This is why I advocate for placing children in an environment that offers a great balance of being safe, fun, and educational.

One of the biggest barriers to summer camp is the cost. Don't worry! Listed below are also camps that provide scholarships, financial aid, income based, etc. Most programming won't list they have funds available to assist, but if you call and talk through your circumstances they will share how they can accommodate or tell you about programs that will.

Listed below are tons of summer camp ideas to help make your summer a little bit more of a breeze, and a exciting experience for both you and your young one. 

Side Note: My eldest daughter has not attended all of these camps. Please be open to the experience with the idea that not all programs are for you or your child. Please talk to other parents in your child's class or that you know, go on a tour, or google reviews to get a good idea on the program of choice.

Summer Guide-2016

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