Worthington Community Center- Indoor Pool

Let's Swim

This year is the first year I have had a actual spring break. I am usually working and the kids are in a camp, but this year things have changed. Gratefully my new position at the school district has provided me with regular breaks. In the great part about it is my kids are on that same schedule (Thank you baby Jesus). So when I checked the weather for the break I saw high 78 degrees and I immediately thought of water. It's been a year since we have went swimming and I couldn't resist planning a trip to the pool.

There are several community pools in Columbus. What attracted me to this pool was the location: center of Worthington, about 20 minutes from downtown. It's price: free for kids under 3, $5 for older children, and $8 for adults. The cost covers you for the day so you have the ability to come and go as you please.

Equipped with a lazy river, hot tub, water slide, and free swim. It was the perfect way to start our break. There are also local parks, gym equipment, track, ping pong, and community space to host events. Just a few tips to plan your trip: there is no food options, me and the girls packed a light lunch, swimming can make you hungry. There are vending machines that have both snacks and drinks at regular pricing. Pack swim towels, goggles, etc. They have floats and life vest at no extra cost. Be sure to check the swim schedule to make sure it is open for free swim because they do host classes. 

We enjoyed our visit for about 4 hours. As soon as the girls got in the car, they crashed. I give this indoor pool a solid 10 out of 10.

For more information please visit http://www.worthington.org/784/Aquatics