Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Zoo

Today me and the girls spent our day at the zoo. We usually go to the zoo a few times a year because when we go we never have time to see all that it offers. What made today special was we traveled to the zoo by COTA Bus. Just an FYI the COTA offers direct rides to both The Zoo and Zoombezi Bay, and with your bus ticket you can get discounted tickets to either parks. For more information please visit This is also a great way to teach young children about public transportation as this is a tool essential for adulthood.

More about the Zoo....

There is not much to be said. Columbus offers one of the best zoo's in the Nation (we actually hold that accreditation). Endless animals, play parks, food, rides, animal interactions, tours, and shows. I just can't say enough. Just as a reminder to parents, make sure to pack or plan to buy plenty of water and snacks. If your children are anything like mine all the walking leads to hunger, and of course items in the park are overpriced. Great for all ages, I give The Columbus Zoo a child friendly review of 10 out of 10!

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