Downtown Columbus

The Chiller Ice Haus (Ice Skating)

Nationwide Arena

The Chiller

We are now settled into our new home in downtown Columbus and I am ready to take full advantage! I have been out in about about in downtown searching for places to take the kids and have found so many spots to share. The weather has been great, which makes for a fun outdoor activity. We initially went downtown for the Blue Jackets " Winter Park" fun, stationed at Nationwide Arena, offered the full month of February. During the month they offer a outdoor ice skating rink, ice slides, hot cocoa, and roasted marshmallows. We were turned down due to the temperature being too warm causing all the ice to melt outside. So we begin walking around and quickly found that The Chiller "OhioHealth Ice Haus"  public indoor ice skating rink!! We have visited the location in Easton, but was surprised to see one tucked just 5 mins away from home. We quickly strapped up our gear and skated for a few hours. Admission runs $5-7 bucks and free for children under 2. Full time laughter watching the girls fall and get back up from the super slippery ice. No food but lots to drink with a "Tim Horton's" connected, it was the perfect early spring getaway. I give this experience a 10 out of 10! Lots of smiles. I would recommend helmets for small children, and jackets for the cool rink!

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Columbus Metro Library~Downtown

In a world full of IPads, be a book
— Mommy Magic

You can never go wrong with a trip to a library. Columbus and surrounding districts are full of them. This particular trip I took the girls to the recently renovated "downtown" library. Located in the center of Columbus. Not only does this library offer more books than you could imagine, it has a small art space, simple cafe, and an awesome kids room. Karter didn't want to leave. Filled with discovery at every corner. 50 book max for all check out items, and don't let that turn you away because at any age a child has the ability to get their own library card. Kennedy and Karter love using their own cards (independency), and it teaches my oldest to be responsible for her return dates as well as keeping up with her books. I really can't say enough about a library. Kids who read daily have higher test scores, language ability, and over excel in all areas of child hood development. Look out for reading programs in your local area, tutoring, homework help, story time, just to name a few. If your'e looking for a free but more than money can value resource, please take your child to a library regularly. This is a no brainer....this library and every library will always get a 11 out of 10 in my child friendly reviews!

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