Free Play


Modern Play and Creative Cafe

I have finally found a play space centered between downtown Columbus and my home in Pickerington. This play cafe is tucked away in Bexley, Ohio, right next door to Bexley Public Library. This play space offers both free play, and a delicious cafe that offers an assortment of healthy yummy treats! For $10 you purchase an all day pass, and the best thing about this day pass is you have the convenience of leaving and coming back for free! Only able to do a quick 30 minutes? Get an express pass for $4. Kids 12+ and 6 months and younger are free! This creative cafe is directed towards crawlers to early imaginations. With a cool play gym, with plenty of puzzles, train tracks, play mats, and more, your child won't be disappointed. If you get hungry you can order from a menu of items low cost. I was able to pig out on a half avocado/grilled cheese sandwich with an half harvest salad for under 7 bucks!! This gem also offers scheduled play activities, host birthday parties, camps, and weekly child friendly events. Hours run daily until 530p, and extended hours offered on Thursday's. I give this a child friendly review of 10 out of 10! It's a perfect spot for parents to sit back, grab a cold beverage all while the little ones let go of some energy. I was able to connect with a few Bexley moms and chat! Karter and her cousin went straight for nap afterwards.

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Peapod Play Cafe

Located between Gahanna and New Albany, this little gem is a perfect combination of an energy releaser and a way for parents to get a little work done. This play cafe is idea for crawlers to about age 7, depending on how imaginative your child can be. Although Kennedy was a little too old, she was able to find some interesting things to get into. This cafe offers a free play space mixed with gross motor activities, lots of imaginary play, and free movement. Karter was able to enjoy playing in a ice cream truck where she served mommy lots of make believe ice cream cones, and ended her play in a little library nook where she enjoyed books. Karter had a hard time focusing in any particular area because she couldn't decide what part of the play space she wanted to explore next. Did I mention they offer a variety of snacks, and coffee/tea options for adults!!! 

Open daily until 4pm, Thursday until 730p, and Saturday till noon. This is a stay at home moms dream. For my parents who work, it's worth getting up on a Saturday morning if you're looking for something simple to get into. Prices range from $4-$10, and for siblings 8+ it's free! Prices are determined by age and amount of siblings you bring. In addition to this being just a cool hang out spot, they offer fun child friendly classes such as story time, and art! This is also a great space to allow your child to engage socially. I give this a child friendly rating of 8 out of 10. I think that it offers an awesome, clean space, and honestly Karter was socially and physically satisfied. I wish the hours were more conducive for working parents. I know it can be challenging waking up early on a Saturday when you've worked all week, as well as get off before 4pm on a weekday to enjoy it. 

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Grove City Church of the Nazarene-Play Place

Oh how I love Church of the Nazarene! They have a awesome community! This little gem is located in Grove City, about 20 minutes from downtown Columbus, off Stringtown Rd. Not only do they provide church services, counseling, educational opportunities, and host many events they have an amazing "free"...yes "free" play space for children 18m-12 y/o depending on height requirements. They offer 2 story tunnels, climbing wall, air hockey, and a special blocked off section for toddlers! This indoor free space is great to allow children to knock out some energy while avoiding harsh weather or paying for play. It also offers a Cafe with lots of snack and food/drink options. Even ice cream! And if you think it's expensive to offset the cost of the free gym, you're wrong. All items were reasonably priced. For a pizza for 3, ice cream, french fries and drinks we paid a whopping $16!! We usually go on a Saturday and because this is a true hidden gem, the place is never overcrowded. There is plenty of adult sitting, and at times Karter had the entire toddler section to herself. This would also be a fun place to offer a birthday party. While there I noticed some families setting up in the cafe with tables and chairs, which is free. They also have a party room for rent. Clean, free, and fun! All in all I give this a child friendly rating of 10!

All it takes is to register in their system, this can be found online or when you arrive! Thank me later!