Peapod Play Cafe

Located between Gahanna and New Albany, this little gem is a perfect combination of an energy releaser and a way for parents to get a little work done. This play cafe is idea for crawlers to about age 7, depending on how imaginative your child can be. Although Kennedy was a little too old, she was able to find some interesting things to get into. This cafe offers a free play space mixed with gross motor activities, lots of imaginary play, and free movement. Karter was able to enjoy playing in a ice cream truck where she served mommy lots of make believe ice cream cones, and ended her play in a little library nook where she enjoyed books. Karter had a hard time focusing in any particular area because she couldn't decide what part of the play space she wanted to explore next. Did I mention they offer a variety of snacks, and coffee/tea options for adults!!! 

Open daily until 4pm, Thursday until 730p, and Saturday till noon. This is a stay at home moms dream. For my parents who work, it's worth getting up on a Saturday morning if you're looking for something simple to get into. Prices range from $4-$10, and for siblings 8+ it's free! Prices are determined by age and amount of siblings you bring. In addition to this being just a cool hang out spot, they offer fun child friendly classes such as story time, and art! This is also a great space to allow your child to engage socially. I give this a child friendly rating of 8 out of 10. I think that it offers an awesome, clean space, and honestly Karter was socially and physically satisfied. I wish the hours were more conducive for working parents. I know it can be challenging waking up early on a Saturday when you've worked all week, as well as get off before 4pm on a weekday to enjoy it. 

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