Pet stores turned into a petting zoo for the win...

So you know how your kids are begging to get out the house, and you really want to save money because...who doesn't like to save. So what does mommy do...I come up with the bright idea of visiting a local pet store (pats self on back). This is not any ordinary pet store, Petland-Ohio prides itself on allowing customers to have a very interactive, friendly, safe experience with pets. Located in almost every district in Columbus...including Pickerington, Hilliard, Gahanna, Powell, Dublin, and Grove City. Store hours weekdays are 11a-9p, and weekends from 10a-9p. And did I mention it's totally free!! We decided to go to the Pickerington Location on a Friday evening. It was a little crowded but didn't take away for the experience. We were able to sit in a petting space, specifically for holding puppies. We literally could hold and play with any puppy we choose. Staff provided us little toys and treats to keep both the puppy and girls busy. We then ventured to the rabbits and birds, and got to hold a snake. Karter enjoyed the fish tanks filled with exotic fish that reminded me of an aquarium of some sort. We ended with having a great dinner at Roosters for the win. Super simple, and super fun. Who knew a zoo was in our own back yard. Being a parent requires being creative, and having the ability to think on your head sometimes. We were able to leave without buying anything, and our pet desires were fulfilled. This gem is getting a 10 out of 10, for it's convenience, and super adorable animals!

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