Vertical Adeventures

Rock Climbing 


Who knew this hidden gem existed. A little birdie (co-worker) mentioned a cool rock climbing place in the area in which we work. They know I am always in search of cool activities to do with my kiddos so they had to share. Located in Worthington about 20 minutes from downtown Columbus. Vertical Adventures has 2 locations. The biggest gym offers more adult activities ranging from classes, to open gym. The smaller gym, the one we visited is geared towards children of all ages.

Let's talk about the space for a minute. The gym itself was pretty amazing. Wall to wall coverage of climbing walls, obstacle courses, and all you could think of balance and coordination equipment. Great for sensory play, and gross motor development. Both Karter and Kennedy were able to maximize the entire space. 

The smaller gym offers kids classes, camps, and host many events such as family nights, and movies. There is a small picnic area designated for snacks and food: you bring yourself. There is small vending for drinks. 

Probably the best part of the entire experience is that the first visit is totally FREE!!! And after that you can purchase day passes ($5), and monthly passes as well. The staff do an amazing job showing you how to use the equipment, supporting you during the process, and trusting you enough to challenge yourself. Kids free play is offered Mon, Tues, and Friday 10a-3p. Be sure to check online for other scheduling. If I could give this facility a rating it would be 20 out of 10. But since that doesn't make sense I will gladly give them a 10 out of 10!

Nick was awesome. And he is 7 months in to loc journey!

Nick was awesome. And he is 7 months in to loc journey!

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