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I've been dying to take the kids to this indoor play gym. Mostly because I continue to see groupon coupons that make the price for indoor fun appetizing. We have been in the house for a few days due to rain storms, so I knew the kids had some pent up energy they needed to release, so it was a great excuse to try it out! Located close to the Zoo in Powell, Ohio. It took about 30 minutes from downtown Columbus. I purchased a groupon for 3, 2-hour play passes for $10!!! Regular prices are $6 for 2 hours of play for children older than 1, and if you can make it before 11am on Tu-Th then you can get a discounted rate of $2. 


So this gym is unique in which it is a business that sells outdoor play gyms, trampolines, basketball courts, soccer equipment, etc. They allow patrons to come in to play on the equipment to promote the sell of the items. And yes it does make you want to drop a quick $2500 for a play set, but the kids are equally excited to have the ability to just come play. They also host birthday parties, local events, and sponsorship's. Kennedy had a blast jumping on the trampoline sets, while Karter conquered all the climbing walls, swings and slides.

There is no snacks or drinks located in the building. I am a packer, so I made sure to carry small snacks and water because my kids when playing always need to refuel. The girls were exhausted after a few hours of play, so I defiantly would say it was worth it. I give this a child friendly review of 10 out of 10!


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Franklin Park Conservatory

Botanical Gardens

During Halloween season we took the opportunity to go trick or treating at Franklin Park conservatory. Located 5 minutes away from downtown Columbus, and conveniently placed tucked in Franklin Park. This activity was breathtaking. Admission costing $14 for adults, $7 for children 3-7, and all children 2 and under are free. There is a nice cafe for food and drinks, and an outside park that the kids have me take them too weekly for free! Inside the conservatory you can find family events taking place (events listed on website), as well as magical place of green. As you walk through you will be able to learn about plants and flowers like you have never done before. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offers enriching and memorable experiences inspired by art, culture and the botanical world. I felt like this activity was more calming then most because as I walked through I would just breathe in the fresh air and really take in all that nature has to offer. I would give this a child friendly rating of 9 out of 10. Can be pricey for large families, but the experience is worth a try.

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Cedar Point

The Roller Coaster Capital of the World

Our once a year trip to Cedar Point was awesome! We try to do a trip to either Cedar Point or Kings Island once a year and not any more because it is way too expensive. The experience is well worth a visit when you can afford to do so. But I can see how this can be a challenge with families with multiple members. Ticket prices range from $48- $150. Higher range tickets include the fast pass option, which gives you the ability to bypass all lines, which in return assures you the ability to ride more rides. Soak City Water park tickets can be purchased at an additional price or included with a ticket to both parks at a discounted rate. Food passes are $35, allowing you to eat every 90 minutes, and well worth it if you plan to spend a full day at the park. Unless you plan to pack, which is totally okay as well! We decided to go for my 31st birthday celebration with a few friends and family. And although we almost went bankrupt (joking) we had a ball!

We spent the entire day at the park, enjoying all the roller coasters, and even cooling off at Soak City, which also includes a beach, and adult only area with a full swim up bar. Water slides, wave pools, and all water fun! In addition to both parks great located in Cedar Point is a great little kids area called Planet Snoopy where Karter (2) was able to enjoy! My mother does not ride, so while we went from coaster to coaster, she took Karter around Planet Snoopy, and went toddler crazy!

No disappointment here. I'm a big kid at heart so it was a feeling of nostalgia riding each coaster, bringing me back to my younger years. Kennedy, my brave girl, went on every ride she measured tall enough. Located about 3 hours from Columbus in Sandusky, Ohio. Hotel options are available, but when researching I did not get a lot of positive reviews. If you're up for the challenge, and little road trip I give this a child friendly review of 8 out of 10. Remember to bring comfy walking shoes, stroller or wagon, lots of water to stay hydrated, and to get your money worth stay until it closes! Ha!

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Bicentennial Park

Scioto Mile Fountain


This weekend in Columbus it was a whooping 95+ degrees outside. I am eager to find fun free ways for the kiddos to find a way to cool off! Of course we could go to a local pool, but I thought it would be fun to go play in one of the biggest fountain/splash parks in the center of downtown Columbus, Ohio!

Oh how I love anything free! This fountain park is one for the books! With both small and big amounts of water fun. The Scioto Mile Fountain presented by AEP foundation, a stunning 15,000 square foot marvel, shoots more that 1,000 jets of water, enhanced by a unique lighting and fog effects, and is interactive and accessible for visitors of all ages. And if you're lucky, you can hear live music at the performing art stage a few feet away. If that doesn't increase your urge to go, there is a beautiful restaurant located right next to the fountains. Milestone 229 overlooks both the fountain and riverfront with both lunch and dinner options (Date Night without kiddos)! I give this fountain park a child friendly review of 10 out of 10. Free, Fun, with a beautiful scenery to match. As you know downtown runs several festivals and events. What a way to have the kids buy in or buy time by allowing them to play in water while you enjoy some music, food, and good vibes! Park hours vary between 7am-11p! 

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Firefly Play Cafe

Firefly Play Cafe

I decided on this open play space for Karter's 2nd birthday. Can I just gloat in my glory for a moment. This indoor play cafe by far is one of the best play spaces in Columbus, Ohio. Firefly is the first play space to open in Central Ohio and has been operating for over 6 years. During the week they operate from 9-5p, with pricing ranging from $5-$8 depending on the age of the child. Children under 12 months are free.  This indoor play gym has everything! Library nook, play gym, pretend play areas, and even a inflatable bounce house!  The floor plan is open, clean, with lots of natural lighting, and space for kids to run wild. The tea, and coffee options are delicious and local. They also offer classes for the kiddos and parents, details listed on the website. Andrea was our party host, and she did a fabulous job with making the birthday party successful. We rented the party space for $245, Firefly provided us with 2 hours of free play, the entire space to ourselves, party host, and free beverages. I was able to bring in any food, and decorations items I wanted. And did I mention I was able to bring in adult (alcohol) beverages for the party guest. I mean this was just perfect. I can not say enough about the service, location, and amenities. Parents tend to think Columbus has nothing to offer, I am hear to tell you that there is some true gems amongst us. I give Firefly Play Cafe a child friendly review of 10 out of 10!

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