(4) 1 on 1 video consultations via Skype


(4) 1 on 1 video consultations via Skype


Consultations include:

  • One on one video conferencing with Brandy Wells, LISW

  • (4) 1 hour personalized experiences via Skype

  • Discussion on family history

  • Family Goal Setting

  • Evidence based skills

  • Social/Emotional Coaching for parent/educator


Desired Outcomes:

With the understanding no child is perfect, no adult is perfect, results don’t always come with perfection. What I can guarantee is that you feel validated, empowered to move forward in your calling as a parent or educator, and the ability to walk more confidently in your pursuit to make parenthood as easy as possible! -Brandy Wells LISW

  1. Psychoeducation and understanding of mental wellness

  2. Ability to recognize generational trauma

  3. Focus on breaking bad cycles of parenting

  4. Strengthening the parent/child relationship

  5. Increasing advocacy for the family and child

  6. Decrease parental stress

  7. Accountability parenting partner