You’ll never have to walk alone.

Growing up I did not experience having a sister. I was the only girl, middle child, surrounded by two brothers (literally) with an age gap that has you wondering if my mom was crazy!


When I found out I was pregnant, after having an only child for 7 years, I was ecstatic. Life gets in the way and 7 years later “Boom!” new baby comes (I’m more like my mom then I realized)! Nonetheless, I was excited. After finding out it was a girl, I knew I wanted to be purposeful with creating a bond that I yearned to experience myself.


I had my reservations. Will they have the ability to be close? Will it be hard to tailor and cater to each of their needs? Instead of concentrating on the challenges, I mastered the art of finding solutions. When Karter was born I would allow for Kennedy to attach to her as much as possible. If that was lying on her chest, sitting beside her as she reads, I wanted Kennedy to know that she was just as important to her sister as her mom and dad. It has not been easy. Some of the things I feared, happened, but the great thing is, through all the hurdles, the relationship that has transpired between these 2 is immeasurable. You can’t tell they are far in age by the way their relationship is reciprocated. Partly because my toddler thinks she’s 8, but mostly because I had an idea of what I wanted their sisterhood to be so that's what took place.

Kennedy is Karter's inspiration, and Karter is her sisters motivation. They will fight like sisters, and love on one another like bestfriends. I am in absolute awe watching them grow and connect in ways that only they can describe.  Over the weekend Kennedy had a gymnastics competition. Karter was her biggest cheerleader. It was captivating to see how amazed Karter was about her sister on the floor, and to hear her cheering her on from the audience. It is moments like those that make me feel comfortable growing old. As I know they will always have eachother even when I am dead and gone. 

Gazing at one another. Karter is her biggest fan! Only these moments they share.

Gazing at one another. Karter is her biggest fan! Only these moments they share.

For any parent considering having children after a long time off. Remember this…each child has a unique and special bond they will share with you. Your oldest will be of great assistance, be sure to obtain balance, you don't want them to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities.  Somehow you will forget everything you knew when parenting your first, but once you get into the groove of things it will feel like a cakewalk.

My eldest daughter is an extension of me so it was only fitting that she would be a great role model.  Thank you Kennedy for mastering the art of sisterhood. I am now able to experience it and it has been the most captivating relationship to watch unfold.