Here I am Today.

When I stand alone, I stand for something
— Mommy Wells

Exposing oneself is hard. Hard because you put yourself in a vulnerable position, but mostly because people can be so "judgey". Oh well…you won't believe in my magic if you don't believe in me. Just like the child/parent relationship. If you can’t trust my authenticity then my mission is obsolete.


When writing this post I began to reexamine Brandy Wells. Most people know me as a dedicated mother, wife, and a woman who is passionate about helping children. Of course I am very proud of those attributes, but I am so much more than that. Women wear so many hats, and we carry so many responsibilities on our back. I have to remind myself that when I stand alone, I still stand for something.


I had the pleasure of being raised by a strong black woman. She was so solid and poised. She worked everyday, managed a black business (in the middle of the ghetto), where she took my brothers and I to be raised. I know I am a direct reflection of her. She was such a provider, and people server. She employed people within the community who were struggling with drug addictions and homelessness. But she treated them like family. Ms. Clyde T, the woman who never placed judgment, and believed in redemption. She was well respected, and didn’t take any shit.


I had 2 men who surrounded me. One 6 years younger and another 8 years older. One I had to set an example for and the other who was more like my father. No take away from my biological father who traveled the world serving in the Air-force and has never lived in the same city as me, but has always been present.


I excelled in school, became first generation college grad and consistently strived for more. I’ve worked in the social service field for almost 10 years! Serving families that look just like me. Inspiring, transpiring, and aspiring to always do better. Met my husband, had our first child, and continued to never stop dreaming. I remained loyal to my mission while remaining loyal to my family. I carried Kennedy as a newborn holding my bachelors degree, and held Karter as a newborn receiving my masters. I always joke that with each accomplishment I have a baby. God’s way of keeping me focused.


Here I am today. Still giving my testimony and staying true to who I am. An embodiment of struggle, selflessness, and love.  He’s not done working with me. I have generations to lead, and children to save. Respect me for who I am, and question everything I am not.



My husband, my reflection.

My husband, my reflection.