An Ode to Motherhood

There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.
— Jill Churchill

As I sit back and reflect what motherhood means to me, I not only pay homage to my own mother, but all the women who are part of my village. For me, motherhood about re-birth. A chance to start over and reappear in a new form of life. I think about how strong my grandmother was, moving from Birmingham Al, with 9 children, including my mother, with hopes and dreams folded in her back pocket. She taught my own mother about concepts of motherhood. Then my birth occurred, forcing my mother to then pass on what she learned to me. Now here I am, transforming those teachings to my very own children. Just hoping I get it somewhat right, and make them proud. 

My mother shares stories of how much of a caretaker I was as a young child. She states I had/have a very nurturing soul. I was always taking care of my younger cousins, and other children who came around. She often explains that I always wanted to be a mommy, carrying a baby doll and purse where ever I went. Now here I am with 2 little girls whose whole life is dependent on my well-being, and I can't help but feel a little loaded. Motherhood is so complex, right? And during this Hallmark holiday I sit back and ask myself, what does motherhood mean to me... 

My motherhood is my redemption. I have a long way to go before figuring this motherhood thing out, with the understanding that I may never figure it out. But what is essential is that I give my girls a foundation to build upon to be wiser. Wiser than my mother, my grandmother, and mothers who came before her. I want them to use my failures as a chance to rise again, a new chance to get it right. My thoughts are that motherhood is a direct link to the future, giving us power to transform the world by building our children to be better than our imperfections. It's imperative I model for my daughters my fears and hopes to use as a source for growth and learning. And in return they are equipped to be great women and mothers themselves.

So here's to all the mothers who put parenting first. You know the moms who took small rations so you had seconds. The mothers who love whole-hardheartedly but understand that you still need limits. The mothers who maintain their own identities outside of being a mother. The mom who worries for you. The mom who runs off of no time, but makes time for you. The mom who will ask for kisses no matter how old you get. The mothers who live to see the smile on their child's face. The mothers who never stop trying to get it right. And most importantly the mothers who have the ability to understand that their life will continue long after they are present, so you are purposely walking in your purpose.

Overall, thank you to all the moms who are contributing to making the world a better place by raising strong children, with dreams and hopes in your back pocket.

Happy Mother's Day!