Year of the Unicorn

Karter Turns 3!!

April 10th we meet again. This day 3 years ago I was anxiously awaiting your arrival. Prepared like no other because this wasn't my first rodeo, but nothing could have prepared me for you. Karter you are uniquely made and it is no coincidence that this has been the year of the unicorn, everything about you is magical. And although we have had our challenges, we always seem to end with rainbows. To see you grow is to watch God's imagination itself. Thank you for making me laugh with your silly faces, making me scared when you dare to be brave, and making me feel complete merely by your existence.

God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us - in the dreariest and most dreaded moments - can see a possibility of hope.
— Maya Angelou

I was pretty adamant that this year I wasn't going to spend a fortune celebrating Karter's birthday. I wanted it to be carefree and simple. I initially wanted to plan a small tea party at my home, but my now 3 year old who is very particular asked for a "unicorn" party.  So I chose a pretty awesome venue (totally free) at a local church in a nearby community. We ordered a few decorations from Amazon, a cake from Kroger, brought a few pizzas and celebrated in true unicorn style.

Is it me or does anyone just get excited to have an opportunity to hang out with friends and family?! This is always a highlight to anything I plan. I just love spending time with the people who mean most to us. These people are apart of my village. They carry Karter when I can't seem to carry myself. I want my children to know that the love they receive is far beyond what their parents can provide.

True Story: Karter hates being the center of attention. Weeks before her birthday, we would ask Karter about gift ideas, invites, and theme. She would act so unbothered and would literally walk away. Of course I thought this is my diva of a child. But as the day came near, she would almost be in tears when annoucing it was almost her birthday. So can you guess what happen when we sung the actual Happy Birthday song at the party, she had a full blown meltdown. Some would call it being 3, I like to call it being humble. A shopkins gift cleared all that up. Those tears were totally fake, lol

2013-2016 was baby making season!  Karter has so many kids growing up along side her. It's so cute watching her interact with her peers. I would sit back and just watch how she helped them climb, or shared her stickers. She would come to me throughout the party and ask "Where is Paris, Harper, Tara, Tony" etc. She's got a strong clique. Each displaying their little personalities,  sharing smiles and laughter. There is nothing more precious than childhood. 

All in all our hearts are so full. This little girl is growing, she is healthy, loved, and her tribe is conscious. We like to take the time out to thank everyone who took time to come out to celebrate near and far. To those who live long distance and still sent love. Those who purchased gifts, wrote encouraging words in cards, sent social media love, or just had us in your thoughts. It all means something to us. This is what keeps me going. Thank you.

Watch out! Preschool here she comes! Until next year!