32 Reasons To Love Myself Today.

  1. I'm worth it
  2.  I'm enough
  3. I am mindful
  4. I worked for this
  5.  I know how to protect my peace
  6. I do the best I can with my role as a mother and wife
  7.  I am 150% unique. There will never (ever) be anyone like me. 
  8. My heart is as big as an ocean. My capacity for loving others (and myself) is endless
  9.  I'm resilient as hell! There’s nothing in life I can’t overcome. No problem I can’t find a solution for.
  10.  I feel. That’s right, I have an emotional vocabulary and I'm not afraid to use it (for good)!
  11. I have dreams, endless, beautiful dreams. And I haven’t stopped believing in them (even if it sometimes feels like I have).
  12. I'm not perfect. PHEW! Pressure’s off. I'm not perfect and that’s A-OK. ‘Cause perfect isn’t the goal anyway.
  13.  I smile. I mean, take a look in the mirror. That smile of mines is contagious!
  14.  I'm grateful. I know that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for all the glory and pain of the past. I acknowledge that and how it’s shaped you into the amazing person I am today.
  15.  I give kindness to others. From the times I volunteer, spend time educating those around me, give some change to a soul in need or help the older woman cross the street – my kindness is bountiful and changes lives.
  16. I'm open to growing. I'm not afraid to work through the hard stuff. I want to be the best version of me possible!
  17. I have a keen appreciation for beauty. I see the beauty in the world. The clear blue sky, colorful flowers, unique faces on the street – with my own eyes, and in my own way, I see the beauty around me and it makes me more beautiful to be around!
  18. I'm full of insanely good ideas. Like really good. And lots of em!
  19. My perspective on the world. It's not like anyone's else. It makes me, ME!
  20.  I'm strong. I've weathered the storms. I've come out alive. I'm one powerhouse of a human being!
  21. My choices. I make them every single day, lots of them. And they have got me to where I am today.
  22. My presence. Just me being here is a gift. Me here in this moment, writing these words, savoring my life, that is a gift to myself.
  23.  I show up. Yep, I do. I show up for my life, for my friends, my family, my job, my kids and husband,  and yourself. You show up.
  24. My naiveté. I might know a lot, but there still much I have left to learn. And that’s beautiful!
  25. My authenticity.  It might’ve taken a long time to get here, but here I am, shining in all my magnificent glory.
  26.  My ability to bring out the best in others. I've got a gift and I'm not afraid to use it.
  27.  My beautiful body shape that is utterly and uniquely mine. Curves, bumps, humps and all – hot damn!
  28. My faith which gets me through the rough patches. My belief that in the end, it’ll be ok
  29.  My fears. What could be a more compelling reason to love myself than the very thing that makes me feel human. My fears aren’t unique, but they’re uniquely mine.
  30.  My vulnerability. From the moment that I stood on stage alone with a microphone, to the time I cried in front of your boss, to the tenderness I express with loved ones – I am vulnerable. And vulnerability is strength.
  31. My ability to sink really low. It might not feel like that's worth celebrating, but my lowest of low's are what enable me to reach the highest of high.
  32. My story, which is what makes me uniquely me. I have a story, and every time I tell it, I give others permission to tell theirs. 

Happy 32nd Birthday to me! Each year I hope to add another reason to love myself. Because who else will love you like you love you.