Mother/Daughter 2016 Vision Board- DIY

Sundays are for "future" telling.


This morning we woke up extra early to take Kennedy to support her gymnastics team at competition. I did not allow for her to participate in the first competition because 1,  she just joined a new team and 2, I didn't feel as if she was ready. During practices I noticed her not giving her all, I decided to allow for her to experience competition culture to gain some motivation to excel. As she sat at the competition, I could see her eyes water with excitement. What was most joyous is I heard her cheering for her teammates loud and proud. It was at that moment I felt like she was experiencing true "inspiration".

So we got in the car and begin discussing what it means to be "inspired". I decided to expand on the conversation and planned a mother/daughter vision board afternoon. I discussed with her what it means to plan for your future, and how to visualize her goals. I wanted for her to know that the things you truly believe in, happen, and therefore we accomplish them. It's hard to teach children to believe in something they can't see. Kids need instant gratification. But in that present moment when she was pulling out things that "inspired her", I gleamed with so much happiness. She chose some amazing things to be only 8 years old, and also chose items that made me proud she was only 8. Such as a picture of nail polish, just innocent and true. I would advise any parent that has a child who would be able to begin visualizing their dreams, to do this craft together. It's so important for parents to guide and support conversations of the future. We are the leaders of our nation. Train up a know the rest.